Cover Artwork: Autumn (1985) by Emil Darrag (1925-2019)
Cover Artwork: Autumn (1985) by Emil Darrag (1925-2019)
György Ligeti - The Eighteen Études for Piano
Label: Hyperion
Released: March 5, 2021
Catalog Num: CDA68286

Composed during the 1980s and 1990s, Ligeti’s Études have already become modern classics, absorbing the attention of musicians and audiences worldwide. They are as feared for the uncompromising severity and intransigence of their technical demands as they are celebrated for their musical ingenuity, striking originality, range and variety of feeling, accessibility to a wide listenership, and astonishing diversity of musical and non-musical inspirations and resonances.


Gramophone Magazine Editor's Choice (April 2021)

BBC Music Magazine - 5 stars (April 2021)

Limelight Magazine - 5 stars (April 2021)


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Updated: May-8-2021
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