The Waterfall at Tivoli (1785) by Jacob-Philippe Hackert (1737-1807)
The Waterfall at Tivoli (1785) by Jacob-Philippe Hackert (1737-1807)
C P E Bach Keyboard Sonatas Volume 2
Label: Hyperion
Released: October 29, 2012
Catalog Num: CDA67908

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (1714–1788), second son of Johann Sebastian, was both revered and criticized by his contemporaries for his bold departures from conventional modes of musical expression. He perfected a highly original and intensely personal compositional style known as the empfindsamer Stil (literally, the ‘sensitive style’), which incorporates frequent mood changes, abundant rests and ‘sighing’ motifs, the juxtaposition of contrasting rhythmic figures, deceptive cadences, and dramatic, rhetorical harmonic interjections.

This record follows on from Driver's first volume of C P E Bach Keyboard Sonatas (released in 2010). The CD includes four sonatas but also a Rondo (D minor) and an astonishing Fantasy (F sharp minor) that bears witness to Bach's renowned improvising abilities.

International Record Review 'Outstanding' Award

Daily Telegraph Classical CD of the Week

Limelight Magazine 'Instrumental Disc of the Month'

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