Scottish Lochs (Moya Hogarth)
Scottish Lochs (Moya Hogarth)
Erik Chisholm - Piano Concertos
Label: Hyperion
Released: April 1, 2012
Catalog Num: CDA67880

Erik Chisholm (1904-1965) was one of Scotland's most prominent musicians, a fine pianist, organist, composer, conductor and energetic music promoter. This record presents the first commerical recording of his Piano Concerto no 2, the 'Hindustani', based on Indian scales, alongside the 'Piobaireachd' Concerto (no 1), in which Chisholm makes use of traditional Highland Bagpipe music.


Orchestral Choice, BBC Music Magazine [June 2012]

Editor's Choice, Limelight Magazine (Australia)

International Record Review 'OUTSTANDING' Award

'The composer and his music are honoured by performances of considerable stature. Danny Driver is superb in the at times fearsome demands Chisholm makes upon the soloist and is partnered by the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra under one of the most exciting young British conductors I have heard for some time, Rory Macdonald … The recorded balance between piano and orchestra is splendid; the booklet notes are by Chisholm's distinguished biographer John Purser; and all in all this disc has to be counted one of the most important contributions to British recorded music for some considerable time' [IRR]

"McBartok", as Chisholm became known, based his first piano concerto on the classical music of the pipes, and highly attractive it is, too; full of provocative rhythm and utterly devoid of cliché. His second is even more elaborate, drawing its inspiration from the beguiling ragas of Hindustan, their evocative intervals and sensuous, twisting melodies handled beautifully here by Danny Driver in this premiere recording' [The Observer]


'Driver proves the perfect advocate for Chisholm's complex and challenging writing for the piano. His technique is formidable and hurdles are negotiated with ease and spirit. He is well supported by the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, on terrific form under exciting young British conductor Rory MacDonald. The recording is first-class with the piano well balanced and orchestral detail beautifully defined' [Limelight, Australia]

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